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Brand launch package

Simple Pricing, Easy Budgeting

For our early launch partners, there are no up-front professional fees or monthly platform access charges.  You only pay a small fee when a successful transaction occurs.

ENDVR Missions

ENDVR Rewards*

  • 18% transaction fee.

  • On a mission with a $100 budget, we invoice you $118 ($100 + our 18% commission).

  • You are only invoiced for missions you approve.

  • For sales contest with no cash reward, you are charged $0.25 per approved submission.

  • 12% transaction fee.

  • On a $100 sale made through EDNVR, we transfer you $88 ($100 less 12% commission).

  • All sales through ENDVR are final, so no need to worry about returns or warranties.

*Rewards launching Fall 2019

Free Support to help you launch

We provide you with assets such as e-mailers & post-cards to introduce the program to your reps, dealers & their employees.

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