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Rules and Regulations:

Fall 2020 Blundstone Digital Sales Contest

To honour our 150th Anniversary, we're celebrating our heritage by offering a contest designed

to make it easier than ever to earn rewards.


Grand Prize: $1,000 + boots

2nd Prize: $600 + boots

3rd Prize: $270 + boots

PLUS! Overall top seller (by # of boots sold) wins a 150 Anniversary Blundstone prize pack and

$1,870 CASH, and a pair of Blundstone boots!

This program is for full- and part-time employees at authorized Blundstone dealers in Canada

only. The contest is running from Saturday, October 24, until Sunday, November 22, 2020.

All submissions must be entered by November 22, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

Instructions for participating:

- Staff member or manager will take a picture of the receipt and upload it to Endvr app

- Enter the pre-tax sales amount of the purchase

- Indicate what style of Blundstone boot was sold

- If multiple eligible items on the same receipt, please submit an entry for each item with

the same receipt.

- Only submit photos at the end of your shift. No phones should be used and no

submissions should be processed when you are on the sales floor. Thank you for putting

customers first.

- No duplicate submissions. Submitting duplicates could result in your store being removed

from the program.

- In the case of a possible tie for overall top seller, Tin Shack will review the total value of

the sales for each and declare a winner.

The announcement of the winners will take place on Thursday, December17, 2020. Tin Shack

will contact the store directly and follow up with an announcement on Endvr.

Tin Shack reserves the right to postpone or cancel the contest at any time.

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